What is Mediation? (Family)

What is Mediation? (Family)

Family mediation is the process whereby two parties find ways in which they can communicate with each other to resolve the differences that have arisen between them regarding family issues.The parties could be separating or divorcing couples. We are also able to see children as part of the mediation process

They may wish to make agreements regarding their property and finances, or about their children.Mediation could also be between grandparents, stepparents and other family members who have a dispute about children or finances.

The parties discuss the issues and make arrangements for the future with the help of an independent third party, a mediator, who does not give advice but provides guidance and information. 

The venue is neutral and provides a safe and relaxed environment for the expressing of concerns and needs. Did you know - we can offer mediation in the workplace?

Mediation is confidential.

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