What are the Costs? (Family)

What are the Costs? (Family)

The good news is that legal aid is still available for family mediation.

You will be assessed at your first meeting with the mediator to see if you are eligible for legal aid and if you are eligible you will pay nothing at all for your mediation sessions or for your agreement when you come to the end of your mediation.

Furthermore even if, in the future, you receive an increase in your income or your capital you will not be asked to pay back any legal aid you receive for mediation.

If you are assessed as not being eligible for legal aid you will be called a privately paying client and you will be charged £120 plus VAT per hour for your mediation sessions.

On average a mediation lasts for 3 sessions and each session is about 11/2 hours long. You will only be charged for the face to face contact you have with the mediator and under normal circumstances you will not be charged for ordinary correspondence or phone calls.

At the end of the mediation we will write up all your mutually acceptable proposals and the fees for these are £150 for mediations which have been on children issues, £200 for financial and property issues and £250 for all issues.

Compared to how much it would cost you to take your issues to court, ( often between £2 and 4k for children issues and £6-8k for property and financial issues) mediation works out to be far less costly even if you require a consent order to be drawn up following the mediation to make the agreements you have reached legally binding.

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