What are the Costs? (General)

What are the Costs? (General)

One of the many advantages of mediation is that the costs is jointly shared by the parties so neither is at a financial disadvantage.

The standard charge for any commercial or civil dispute with a monetary value of less than £25,000 is £300 plus VAT per party for half a day.

If the mediation runs to a full day then that is discounted down to £500 plus VAT per party, rather than just doubling up.

We can generally provide the facilities for the mediation, If however the parties required a different geographic venue, for example it needed to be in a particular town then it would be necessary for rooms to be hired, usually that's done at a hotel and the parties bear the cost of that, also on a joint basis.

For disputes with the monetary value over £25,000, charges do potentially increase.

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